Flying Down

You took me flying down that day.

Do you remember?

I held tight to your waist;

My cheek pressed to your back.

The wind tugged my hair, wild and restless, childlike.

I held all the strength and warmth

that I could,

Pondering distance and direction.

A heartbeat strong and sincere.

Almaty mountains in the South,

but always mapped as if North.

One must know the city.

We were heading down

an Almaty mountain.


knowing no harm would come.

We flew–

The wheels turning, burning

Nothing held us back

Mountains tore past

Trees waved, snow laid ageing on the ground

The rush of wind froze my nose

We were flying.

Pavement churning speed demons on a bike

People in cars waved and smiled admiring

Lovers, doing crazy lovers’ things that lovers do

How fast?

Too fast, oh let’s go faster the heart beats

in its own song.

And we headed, safely, surely, down the mountainside

In the moment alive

No threat, no car, no wreck, no danger

could swerve us.

Ha, a bump in the road?

Determination held tight

in love with you

A compass moored into place

A beacon followed, not mountains misplaced

Oh,the grace of your muscles

A torn knee that day

Injured and ruined a future race

But we were heading down

an Almaty mountain,



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