No Respect for Privacy Known as Vengeanace

Caro E

Zarina L

Kamilya O

Sarda K

Aigerim S


Ainur T

Saniya K

Viktoriya P

Kamilya A

Your list of ten to travel to Almaty for. How stupid of me to offer to get our friend’s cap from your flat! And how you went on that I should stay and play with your kitty. Play with her. She looked lonely when I left, play with her. I halfway agreed thinking I would just get the cap and leave, but no…I had to glance around and look what I found right on the desk just waiting and where had your kitty run off to…wasn’t she just here and now she’s gone and I’m looking at your list of ten…with abbreviations to remind you which girl you found on which website; what times they could meet you. In the morning, in the morning, in the afternoon, at noon, 4-5, in the evening. On and on. What is this? A marathon. Are you so desperate to replace me? Is your ego so bruised? Is it so difficult for you to be alone? And these poor girls! I’m sure they aren’t expecting a ring yet, but how many will you actually meet today? And will any of them know that you are meeting with another? and another? and another? God bless them each and every one if they find you charming.

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. But until then, I wonder if they will find their names here and wonder. Who is this? What is this? Why is my name here? Why is my privacy disrespected? Why is his privacy disrespected? Grow uneasy, squirm fretfullly…hopefully not scared though. I’m not after a single one of them…but you…desperate, pathetic little boy. Be my friend with benefits…be my cuddle buddy. Was that a week ago? Two weeks ago? When you asked me to degrade myself and give you what you want while you pretend to care about my feelings? Why does it hurt? Why does it twist in my gut and leave my mouth sour?

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. What vengeance HE has wrecked on me. Surely my sins did not warrant loving you like this and having you tear my heart out like that.



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